About Us

Sudarshan Technologies is a CAD/CAM/CAE consulting company based in Pune, Maharashtra with a team of well experienced experts in Engineering Design and Analysis.

We use the latest CAD Software for all the design and preparation of the manufacturing and assembly drawings.

Our expertise is into Gearbox design, Product Design, Injection Mould Design, Sheet Metal Die Design, 3D Printing and CAD Customization.

Product Design Services

Product Design

Sheetmetal, Plastic and Casting parts design, 3D modeling, Reverse Engineering, Detailed Drawing, Tolerance Stack-up….

Gearbox Design

Standard and Customized Gearbox Design using KISSsoft, Reverse Engineering, Cost reduction... ….

Mechatronics & IOT

Mechatronics, IOT, Industrial IOT, Small Scale Automation, PCB Design, Hardware and Firmware Design...

Injection Mold Design

Injection Mold Design Services, Moldflow analysis, Tooling Design, Manufacturing Drawings, Bill of Material …

Steel Structure Design

worked on steel Structure Modeling and Detailing assignment with Plant Manufacturing company. We can are doing Modeling, Detailing, GA Drawing, Weldment Drawing, DXF Drawing for cutting etc.

3D Printing

SLA, FDM, SLS, Metal Printing, To check Snap joints, Tolerance between mating part, moving parts. Fitment with other components...


Plant Engineering


Machinery & Industrial Equipments


High Quality Design

Highest quality output is a first priority at our company

Lower Project Cost

By off-loading project, company can achieve lower operational cost

Innovative Approach

TRIZ based approach to find innovation in the design


Gearbox Design for Plastic Extrusion Machine

Transmission for Commercial Vehicle

Flat Bed CNC Turning Machine

Semi Automatic Customized Processing Machine

Water Storage Tank CAD Modelling

Customized Gearbox design for Rolling Mill application