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Project Information

A commercial vehicle maker approaches us for reverse engineering of existing transmission and to modify existing transmissions as per their new vehicle specifications.
  • Client:Automobile Manufacturer
  • Location:India
  • Software:Solidworks
  • Industry:Automotive
  • Duration:2 years
  • Engagement Model:Fixed Cost
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Project Descripation

Redesign new transmission and added extra proprietary attachments into the vehicle. It was involved design calculations of whole new gear train system, differential, packaging of new transmission assembly, housing re-design and manufacturing drawing creation.

Project Challenge

We faced many challenges while working on this project

  • Attach additional components to existing components
  • Making of new housing to accommodate newly designed features
  • Gear changer arrangement testing
  • Finding manufacturer for newly designed gear and housing
  • Packaging of all components in compact Housing
  • Top Down approach for modeling

What We Did

- Team has reverse engineered existing transmission and modify it as per client requirement.
- Team has designed new arrangement for dynamo and its gears. Team has created excel sheet to find power, torque, speed, gear ratio, etc.
- New designed of housing keeping in mind of manufacturability, material reduction and cost reduction.
- Team has done motion study and simulation of transmission assembly in software, Created Manufacturer drawing, Checked interference in assembly


Submitted 3D model of each and every parts and assembly, Submitted manufacturing drawings, bill of material, list of purchased parts with supplier part numbers. Also inspected parts as per manufacturing and quality guidelines as per ISO standards.

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