On-Highway & Off-Highway

Automotive Design Capabilities

·         Product Styling creation using Alias (Class A surface)


·         Concept generation for outer body and overall product


·         Engine system design (Intake, Exhaust, Cooling etc)


·    Engine peripherals design (Mounting brackets, hoses, pipes, fluid lines, gear train, turbo, EGR, radiator, steering hoses, air filter )


·    Design of Interior parts – (Dashboard, Trims, floor, console, sun visors, seating, steering, etc)


·      Exterior parts – (Door, Roof, Windshield, hood, bumper, headlight, mirror, grill, fender etc)


·         HVAC system design, duct design


·         BIW design, A pillar, B Pillar


·         Chassis and chassis mounted components design


·         Vehicle Integration


·  Transmission design – (Helical Gears pair design, rotating shafts, synchronizer, gear shifting mechanism, bearing selection, transmission case, lubrication system etc)

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