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Project Information

Electrical Vehicle manufacturer want to develop new outer body and exterior for their new car. They required dashing look with practical approach to design and development of exterior of new car.
  • Client:Automobile Manufacturer
  • Location:USA
  • Software:Solidworks, Creo
  • Industry:Automotive
  • Duration:9 months
  • Engagement Model:Time and Material
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Project Descripation

Solar Powered Electrical Three and four wheeler are in demand now a days. Due to increasing in pollution and oil prices, renewable energy sources to

Project Challenge

These are some of challenges we come across.

  • Industrial Design sketches
  • Modern exterior look
  • Designing outer surface smooth
  • BIW with minimum parts
  • Stylish door and trim
  • Mounting with chassis

What We Did

We have created 3D model of exterior from the class-A surface provided by our industrial designer. Team has successfully developed B-side development, exterior, reinforcement, clearance with mating parts, fittings and etc.


At the end, we have submitted manufacturing drawings with considering manufacturing in mind. We did tolerance stack-up of complete assembly. We also taken care of datum points for manufacturing and inspection purpose.

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