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In Solidworks 3D Curve / Sketch are required to be drawn for Structure Elements.
In advance steel you just need to select the end points of line to draw Structure element.
All connections need to be added manually which is good but can give rise to complexities.
At every desired location an automatic connection can be added using Advance Steel Connection Pallet.
Hole Alignment between Structure Elements need to be done manually and can have more chances of misalignment when doing any modifications.
Holes are automatically generated between structural elements and get automatically updated on any modifications.
Weldments are need to defined manually at the time of creating drawings by selecting bodies to be added in that weldment
Weldments are generated at the time of modeling of connections. Also we can add welding by defining the parts to be welded.
Bolted joints and Fastener need to be added manually which makes the work more repetitive and difficult.
Bolted joints automatically come with the connections and also we can add bolted joints manually through connection vault panel.
In solidwroks Ladders, Stairs and Handrail modeling is done manually which is quite time consuming.
It can create Ladders, Stairs and Handrails easily through modeling tools only we need to define the specifications.
Manually part numbering needs to create as you go for each part, this may create a possibility of human error while handling complex projects. And it would be also difficult to predict the point of error in such cases.
After modeling each and every element of the model gets automatic Part numbering and Labeling which distinguishes each element with its adjacent one. This helps in fabrication of similar elements but having different sectional properties.
There is no provision to define feature like Model Role which makes it difficult to identify the functionalities of the element. This might create confusion during erection of assemblies.
Model Role Definitions are inbuilt as per standard structure, member definition and nomenclature. This ensures uniformity of elements with diversification.
All joints need manual efforts to be modeled and therefore this limits the possibility of having better connections.
Advance steel comes with a variety of Joints, available with different forms of structural elements. This is a big advantage as it introduces a collection of connections having wider acceptance.
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