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Design Innovation

In innovation workshop, we define problem statement given by our customer and our Innovation Experts will develop various solution around it.

We mainly use TRIZ based approach to generate innovative ideas. Our Innovation Expert is TRIZ Practitioner and having several years of experience to lead innovation departments for various organization.

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IOT Product Design

One US Based fabricator comes with a requirement of access platform of fertilizer plant. Our team has calculated live and dead load requirements and designed complete structure. Then our detailing team has finished all required manufacturing drawings like Shop Drawing, GA Drawing, Erection Drawings, Anchor Bolt Layout, Bill of material, Handrail and Stairway detailing.

Reduced > 20% Design Cost

Immediate Start | Easy to Communicate

Highly Accurate | Right at First Time

Smart Asthama Encloure
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Lead Time

Increase Throughput

Accelerate Time to Market

Improve Design Collaboration



Standardize Detailing



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Recently we honor a order from one of the largest Bridge Manufacturing company of USA. Scope is to model accurate 3D models of Truss Bridge and later produce manufacturing drawings.

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