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Project Information

Client wants to develop customized gearbox for their plastic extruder machine. Hence, client has given us input RPM and the required output torque and RPM, to design a helical gear reducer.
  • Client:Extruder Machine Manufacturer
  • Location:India
  • Software:Creo
  • Industry:Machinery
  • Duration:3 months
  • Engagement Model:Fixed cost
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Project Descripation

It should be noted that, plastic extrusion machines are widely used in the plastic industry for manufacturing of pipes, channels, tubes and many more extruded parts. Thus, Client develops new machine for higher capacity and output. Thereby having a requirement of increased power and torque gear reducer.

Project Challenge

There are some of the challenges we came across:

  • Load calculation of gears, shaft per new specifications
  • Gearbox fitting with existing machine
  • Oil lubrication system development
  • Heat dissipation from issue
  • Packaging of all components to keep size smaller
  • Structure validation of new housing

What We Do

We design gears and make mathematical calculations for various parameters like speed, power, torque, load excel sheet of different RPM and Torque done load calculation for gear and shafts We calculate different gear ratio.


We have delivered a 3D models of part assembly. Drawing of gears with data table with GD & NT.

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