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Gearbox Design

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Speed Reducer or Gearbox

We are one of the rapidly growing engineering services company with vision to become one of the best in the world in the field of Industrial Gearbox Design services and Transmission design for Automotive vehicles.

Our expert and experienced design engineers bring their skill under one roof to furnish blue print of successful products.


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Industrial Gearbox Design

Our core competency is to design Industrial Gearbox. It’s include any kind of standard, non-standard and customized gearbox.

We are able to design Spur Gear Drive, Helical Gerbox, Bevel Gearbox, Worm Gerabox, Bevel-Helical, Planetary Gearbox, multiple stage planetary or any type of combination Gearbox.

Types of applications like, Extruders, Agitators, conveyors, Packaging, crushers, cranes, mixers, elevators, cooling towers, feeders, small ball mills etc

For Industries like, Sugar, Elevator, Cement, Paper, Textile, Solvent Extraction, Plastic & leather, Rubber, Steel industry, Power plants, Mines and minerals, Waste water treatment, Food & tobacco.

Automotive Transmission Design

Sudarshan Tech have experience to design complete transmission systems for Vehicles. It includes gear pairs design, shifter lever arrangement design, transmission case design, differential system design and rear axle design.

Following types of transmission we have experience to design.

♦   Sliding mech transmission
♦    Synchromesh Transmission
♦    Automatic Transmission

Miniature and Plastic Gearbox Design

It is an increasing trend to design and develop products to its minimum size.
Considering these trend, we at Sudarshan Tech have enhanced our capacity to design and develop miniature gearbox, along with 3D Printing Proof of Concept (POC).

♦  Plastic gearbox design
♦   Miniature Gearbox Design
♦   3D Printed Gearbox concept (POC)
♦   Plastic Gearbox Manufacturing

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Transmission Design

One US Based Automotive Manufacturer comes with a requirement of Transmission Design for commercial vehicle. Our team has calculated all Gear pairs, Shaft Design, Bearing Calculations etc

Then our detailing team has finished all required manufacturing drawings like Shop Drawing, Assembly Drawing, Installation Drawings, Bill of material etc.

Reduced > 20% Design Cost

Immediate Start | Easy to Communicate

Highly Accurate | Right at First Time

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Trending News

We are developing constant speed Gear reducer for Electrical Vehicle. Input speed and torque has been provided by the company and we have designed complete Gearbox with manufacturing drawings.

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