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Industrial Steel Structure

Factory structure

Why steel structures are common to every industry? The simplest answer is space. Space accommodation is best available through steel structures only. It is very important to have an effective space management in industries like manufacturing (automobiles, food production), processing rubber,textiles, pharmaceutical.

When an industry grows, its demands as well as its capacity also increases. And at such times we require more space to handle the growing output. Suppose you have only concrete structures and you want to expand for more storage. Is it possible to build without destructing the structure? It’s no. Because a concrete structure is immovable and need to be demolish first for next construction All these things require a huge amount of time with variable cost. Industries are time bounded because the products need to be furnish on time to be available in the market on time.

Hence these problems are overcome by steel structure. If the industries expand and need more space for more equipment or installations then just remove the bolted assembly and place them on the desired location. Or you can introduce a new supporting assembly also. Every movement of structure does not create any disturbance in the working of industries therefore it is very suitable.

Advantages of using steel structure

 The layout and components can be design so that parallel rather than sequential construction can take place

 Interfaces between trades need to be minimize

 Collaborative discussion between trades will be need to ensure that, whatever is decide, all aspects 

 Construction can proceed quickly and safely.

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