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Structural Steel Modeling

How We Model

Detailed Steel Structure

Industrial Structure Design, Modeling & Detailing:

–  Modeling of skid, platforms, bridge, scaffolding and various industrial structure
–  Industrial Structure Modeling as per AISC Standard
–  Solidworks, Advance Steel and Revit MEP software used
–  Experience with various welding and joining methods
–  3D Piping creation and interference checking
–  Gratings, Handrail, Ladder, Stairs, Purline modeling.

For any plant, Industrial structure design is a major task which can be perform using Advance Design software like StaddPro, Tekla, Etab etc. After that, 3D Modeling software like Advance Steel and Solidworks are playing major roles to do realistic industrial structure modeling.


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Static skids modeling like lifting, transportation, loading and unloading.  Dynamic skids like structural supports for static and rotating machinery and equipment. Pallet and skids these two terms are use interchangeably. These can be made of different materials like wood, plastic, composite materials, and can be use according to the load and material is to be handled. Following are some of the features of skids.

-No bottom deck is present
-Less friction hence easier to drag
-As this is mobile, can be use as a permanent foundation for heavy machinery and equipment
-Takes less space for storing, when stalked


These are prefabricated, self supporting, fully or partially weld structures made of a steel sections. This can transform workplace. Utilizing existing area more effectively. Also platforms can provides following benefits. If platform is built with nut and bolts can utilize again in different places, in addition significant vertical storage capacity also.


– Can provide more working area with considering the safety of workers
– Utilizing overhead space effectively and efficiently
– Furthermore for working persons at significant height, providing more safety and increase confidence among the workers at height
– Bulk storage
– Support equipment, pipes, machines,  conveyors

Truss Bridge

composite structure of different elements such as steel, wood or concrete sections together. Hence  designing a bridge is crucial itself as it should be withstand different forces such as  dead load, live load , wind and earthquake. and should be safe throughout its life span. There are different types of bridges as fallows.

– Beam bridge
– Cantilever bridge
– Cable suspension bridge
– Arch bridge
– Struss bridge


This is a temporary  structure made to support the working crew and material. Significant height above the ground to aid the construction, repair, maintenance of buildings and structure.These are some of the types of Steel scaffolding, Single Scaffolding, Double Scaffolding, Cantilever Scaffolding, Trestle Scaffolding. For various kind of building structures, scaffolding are made from different components.

– Base jack, base plate and scaffold
– A ledger, horizontal brace and vertical brace
– Brackets and battens
– Scaffold tie, used to tie the scaffold to the members






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Access Platform

One US Based fabricator comes with a requirement of access platform of fertilizer plant. Our team has calculated live and dead load requirements and designed complete structure. Then our detailing team has finished all required manufacturing drawings like Shop Drawing, GA Drawing, Erection Drawings, Anchor Bolt Layout, Bill of material, Handrail and Stairway detailing.

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Recently we honor a order from one of the largest Bridge Manufacturing company of USA. Scope is to model accurate 3D models of Truss Bridge and later produce manufacturing drawings.

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