We offer designing of Injection mold design for plastic components. Our well defined steps helps customers to design accurate injection molds for any kind of application. We review parts thoroughly for manufacturability and able to perform various kind of mold flow analysis to validate it.



At the beginning of any project, we will understand plastic part very thoroughly and conducting design review meeting with customer. In this meeting, we brainstorm about all the consideration for manufacturability of part. Only “few” of them are listed below

–  Shrinkage
–  Estimated runner weight
–  Cavity marking locations
–  Number of Cavities
–  No. of Sliders per Cavities
–  Number of Lifters per Cavities
–  Parting line
–  Undercut
–  Location of Gate and Runner
–  Ejector location and marking details
–  Standard Mold base selection


We prefer DME made mold base to start our molding design with. With the large 3D library of standard mold components and mold base, we are able to reduce overall mold design cycle time.

–  A, B, X, T series standard mold base
–  Standard and optional features
–   Cavity retainer set
–   Mold plates
–   Standard components


After thorough review of part geometry, design requirements, manufacturing consideration, team will start to design molds.

Final deliverables will be manufacturing drawings with all required dimensions and GD&T.

Also based on request, team is also able to generate motion or animation of assembly to see how it is going to work in actual.

Our services make design easier so that you have the time and resources you need to lead your industry.And we’ve already worked with lot of businesses to help streamline the way they approach the Design process.
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