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Injection Mold Design

Proud Project that make us stand out

Injection Mold Design

One customer has come-up with injection mold design requirements for house hold product enclosure.

Our team has went through the detailed 3D CAD model review which was submitted for mold, made necessary changes and design complete mold for mass production.

  • Reduced > 20% Design Cost
  • Immediate Start | Easy to Communicate.
  • Highly Accurate | Right at First Time

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Reduce Lead Time

Increase Throughput

Accelerate Time to Market

Improve Design Collaboration

Optimize Design

Innovation Design

Standardize Detailing

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Recently we awarded with Injection Mold design for IOT product plastic enclosures. Our design team has taken has understood CAD model in detail, made necessary changes and design complete injection mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an injection mold work?

Generally, it involves heating as well as injecting the plastic material under pressure in a closed metal mould tool. Furthermore, the molten plastic cools & hardens into the shape inside the mould tool. This opens to allow the mouldings to eject or remove for inspection and delivery

What are injection molds made of?

Actually, plastic injection molds are typically constructed from hardened or pre-hardened steel, aluminum, and/or beryllium-copper alloy. Although, steel molds cost more, plastic is more durable.

Why are injection molds so expensive?

Undoubtedly, the main factors for high cost are the size and intricacy, material used, and number of parts we produce.

Is 3d printing cheaper than injection molding?

3D Printing appears expensive than injection molding.However, the 3D printing cost per part is only $0.70 per part, and there is no initial investment for set-up.

How do you do injection molding?


Design the Mold in CAD. 

3D Print the Mold.

Molding the Plastic Parts.

For what do we use injection molding?

Generally, we use Injection molding to create high volumes of things such as wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, automotive parts and components, toys, pocket combs, one-piece chairs and small tables, storage containers, mechanical parts (including gears) etc.

What are the types of injection Moulding?

6 Types-

Thin Wall Molding.

Gas-assisted Injection Molding.

Metal Injection Molding.

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding.

3D Printing.

Unique Material Formulations.

When did injection molding start?

In 1868, in response to a request by billiard ball maker Phelan and Collander, John Wesley Hyatt invented a way to make billiard balls by injecting celluloid into a mould. By 1872, John and his brother Isaiah Hyatt patented the injection moulding machine.

What is mold temperature in injection molding?

For this PTT melt and mold temperatures were suggested to be between 232–260°C and 88–121°C, respectively

Is 3d printing injection molding?

3D printing the injection molds is a cost effective way for low-run injection molding. Material Jetting and SLA are preferable for 3D printing injection molds. Thus, we use each 3D printed mold for approximately 30 – 100 runs.

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