Sudarshan Technologies is a leading CAD/CAM, Mechatronics System and IoT Product Design.

We use the latest Software and Technology to make your product SMART. Take your day to day business data on Internet and measure realistic progress.
Make decisions based on actual data gathers by SMART systems. Display your favorite data on Website and Mobile Application
Mechatronics system are most trending technology nowadays and its combination with IOT product are generating awesome result.
Mechatronics system and IOT product design:
♦ Embedded system design
♦ PCB Design & Development
♦ Mechatronics Product Design
♦ IoT Product Design- Mobile App driven products
♦ Wifi enable systems
♦ Bluetooth enable products- Small scale Automation
♦ Smart Systems using Sensors
♦ Industrial Automation


Smart Asthama Encloure

Enclosure Designs for Asthma Inhalers – IOT Application

SMART Lock Hardware Design – IOT Application

Plastic Enclosure Design for IOT Device



A Touch enabled SMART Door Lock
Our services make design easier so that you have the time and resources you need to lead your industry. And we’ve already worked with lot of businesses to help streamline the way they approach the Design process.
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