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What is MEP?

MEP is deals with  Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering. As well as this serve a very important aspect inside of the structure.Which definitely for  comfort of humans and animals using it.After all this works as a central nerves system of the structures. And also make structures habitable  for humans. Clearly MEP installations named together because of high degree of interactions between them.  Also therefore to avoid clashes between utilities .


The mechanical design elements of the building ,like heating, cooling , mechanical ventilation. Moreover  these systems are interact to keep inside of structure habitable. And also control temperature , humidity in optimum level for the comfort of it’s user. Mechanical utilities helps to keep energy consumption low as possible.

These are some of utilities come under mechanical engineering.

  1. Mechanical (HVAC) engineering.
  2. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning  system.
  3. Water heating system
  4. Central plant design.


 Electricity is need for different electrical system to keep running. Hence electrical engineers main job is to provide continues supply of uninterrupted power also wiring connections optimum route without interfering other utilities.  

These are some electrical utilities mentioned below.  

  1. Main power distribution.
  2. Plant lighting.
  3. emergency lighting
  4. Fire alarms and emergency services.
  5. IT and internet connections


Plumbing services are assigned  for the transport water, chemicals, Gas in building or at industrial plant. Therefore  designing accurate and safe piping system is the plumbing engineers job.

  1. Cold and hot water pipes.
  2. sanitary water
  3. drinking water
  4. Gas
  5. pipes for different chemicals.

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