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Project Information

Local manufacture has approached us for designing of their standard turning machine. It’s a 45 degree slant bed CNC machine design requirement and for 250mm center distance.
  • Client:Machinery Manufacturer
  • Location:India
  • Software:Solidworks
  • Industry:Machinery
  • Duration:2 Years
  • Engagement Model:Milestone Based
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Project Descripation

Designed a new 45 degree slant based CNC turning machine. This kind of machine is widely used in small to big engineering workshop across the world and well known for increasing daily output. Also these machines comes with Siemens controller, and its programming language is easy to learn by CNC machine operators.

Project Challenge

We faced many challenges while working on this project

  • New outer look and enclosure design
  • New Supplier finding as per machine specification
  • Top-Down Machine Design approach
  • Packaging of all components in limited space
  • Handling of large assembly

What We Did

- Team has explored few concepts of overall layout of machine. Then we have build and checked headstock, tailstock, saddle and bed alignment. Later we designed each parts in details for all subassemblies.
- Team discussed with various vendors to get the required parts for the machine as per specifications.
- Team created manufacturing drawings with GD&T, checked global interference, clearances with static and moving parts, mechanism simulation, structural analysis of casting parts.


Submitted manufacturing drawings, bill of material, list of purchased parts with supplier part numbers, vendor details. Also inspected parts as per manufacturing and quality guidelines as per ISO standards.

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