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Structural Steel Detailing

How We Detail

Structural Steel Projects

Whether you are a fabricator, plant, bridge, skid or industrial structure manufacturer…. we do detailing of all kind of Structures. Our structural Steel Detailing services including following types of structure:

– Stationary Skids
– Transportation Skids
– Access Platform
– Plant Structure
– Handrail and Stairs
– Truss Bridge
– Arch Structure
– Dome Structure
– Shed
– Roof Scaffolding

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 Below are the codes and standards with which are have executed the jobs.

• IS 800 – 2007
• IS 456 – 2002
• IS 875 – 1987
• IS 226 – 1975
• IS 2026 – 1984
• IS 2750 — 1964
• IS 3696 –1991

• ASME B31.1
• ASME B31.3

• BS 5950
• BS 8110
• BS1139 / EN 74:1988
• EN 39
• OSHA – 1910.28

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Steel Mezzanine Detailing

One US Based fabricator comes with a requirement of Steel Mezzanine of fertilizer plant. Our team has calculated live and dead load requirements and designed complete structure. Then our detailing team has finished all required manufacturing drawings like Shop Drawing, GA Drawing, Erection Drawings, Anchor Bolt Layout, Bill of material, Handrail and Stairway detailing.

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Youtube Channel for Advance Steel 2020 Tips and Tricks

We have launched our new youtube channel on Advance Steel 2020 Tips and Tricks. This will help to improve your skill on Structure Steel Detailing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Structural Steel Detailing is a process to make manufacturing drawings to produce stainless steel structure for fabricators. While fabricators are manufacturing access platform, mezzanine, skids, steel bridges (truss bridges), plant structure etc… detailed manufacturing and shop drawings are essential for accurate fabrication work.

There are few software used in the industry for Structural Steel Detailing.

  1.  – TEKLA
  2. – Advance Steel
  3. – Revit
  4. – SDS2
  5. – AutoCAD
  6. – Solidworks

Please follow our youtube channel “Sudarshan CADD Tech” to learn Structural Steel Detailing using Advance Steel.

AEC stands for Architecture, Engineering and Construction. They do planning, design, estimation, construction, managing infrastructure sites.

There are following kind of drawings and information included in structural steel detailing.

  • – Shop Drawings
  • – Anchor Bolt Layout
  • – Erection Plan
  • – Bill of Material
  • – Fabrication Drawings
  • – Weldments
  • – DXF for CNC
  • – Beam and Column Drawings etc..

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