Structural Steel Detailing

Our structural Steel Detailing services including following;

– Shop Drawings
– GA Drawings
– DXF files for CNC
– Erection Drawings
– Bill of Material (BOM)
– Material Cut-list

We used AutoCAD, Advance Steel, Revit, Solidworks and other CAD software.
Shop Drawings
These are set of drawings generally produced by contractor, designer, fabricator. shop drawing are generally required for the prefabricated components. The shop drawing generally shows the more details than construction documents.It is drawn to explain the fabricator or to the production crew. These drawings emphasizes on details of manufacturing component. For example , If steel beam is to manufactured details are given such as length, holes diameter for nut bolt fitting, there coordinates from reference axis, any other connection to member etc..
Erection Drawings
Erection drawings are provided by manufacturer to the site working crew ,in a sufficient details so that structure can erect properly. It includes all drawings , diagrams, design calculations, procedure manuals and other data required to depict in detail the proposed assembly and installation of components in to project work.

Usually includes the plan view and elevation view from different sides denoting the correct placement of the components in the structure.
GA Drawings
General arrangement drawings are used mainly in project to show the arrangement of the different components of structures with respect to each other.It is used to locate the general position of components with respect to the co ordinate system within the plant.It shows the equipment

Creating GA drawings. This includes several views of one drawing including entire drawing or part of it. plan and elevation drawing
Bridge Drawings
Bridge drawing consist of details of components of structure , includes plan and elevation of individual members. its position with respect to one another. As it is a major structure it requires some additional drawings for example joint connections of different sections.This also includes shop drawings, erection drawings if steel bridge is considered.

Bridge drawings include:
-shop and erection drawings.
-Plan and elevation and its relative position as per coordinate axis.
Scaffolding Drawings
Scaffolding is a temporary structure made to support material and working persons considerable height above the ground. Scaffolding drawings includes. material to be used as scaffold, its length , sizes, its relative position in elevation and plan, bracing system etc..

As live load, dead load and wind is  major force to be carried by the scaffold. considering these factors scaffold need to designed. also it includes quantity of material. and different joints arrengements.