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Top 5 reasons to use Advance Steel for Structure Steel Modeling


Advance Steel is widely used software for Structural Steel Modeling and Detailing. Let’s see there are few reasons are making them more popular among others.

Steel Section Database

Advance Steel contain huge library of Steel Standard Sections. 

All standard sections like Channel, I-Beam, Angle, Pipe, Tube, Plate, Flat bar, Rod and many more profiles available in the standard library.

Also all the size variations in the profile, as shown here for I-Beam, included and user can easily change from one section to another section anytime during the work.

After placing section, user can rotate the profile as per requirements and many more options available in the “Positioning” tab.



Predefined Connections

Once you create  column and Beam modeling, next step is to apply connections.

Advance  steel offer large range of standard connection. Almost all kinds of connection options available for Column, Beam, Angle, Plates, Ladder, Handrail, Stairs etc.

There are few standard connections are Gusset Plates, Bracing, Miter cut, End Plate, Base  Plate, Anchor Bolt and etc

Handrail and Stair Modeling

There are modeling automation to model Handrail and Ladder in Advance Steel.

Using Advance  Steel Automatic Handrail command, there are lot more variations can be done for handrail modeling. You can select post, number of railing, kickplate options, ladder end options, mounting positions and many more while doing detailed modeling.

For Ladders and Stairs, it cab be done with few clicks and all options of cage, ladder, ladder exit, ladder mount, ladder support and more than that are included in the ladder control main tab.


Numbering and BOM Generation

There are predefined Model Roles and Prefix are available to set in the configuration.

Based on that, we can easily perform part numbering and labeling (Like PL 1/2″x7 7/8×8 7/16″ for Plate, L2x2x1/8 for Angle and HSS 4x4x1/8 for Column) for each part.

Apart from that, it gives unique benefits to add whatever details required to add BOM like Material, Coating, Name, Label, Length, Weight and many more details.

User friendly and easy to use for complex structure

Like other AutoDesk product, Advance Steel is also carry all basic features of AutoCAD.

It is as simple as AutoCAD to Modify Advance Steel Model. I think this is  the reason Advance Steel is more popular as Structure Design software. 

apart from listed here, there are many more benefits you will enjoy while working on Advance Steel software to perform Steel Modeling.

Please write on to know more benefits  of Advance Steel. We would be more than happy to address any technical query.

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